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Medical Cannabis for all Canadians

Medical cannabis is now a common element in treatment plans. Like other medications, it may take time to find the right format or dose. Learn more about helping your patients access medical cannabis products and more.

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There is a potential for interactions with some CYP enzymes.

The efficacy and safety of medical cannabis has been established in robust and ongoing clinical trials including the Quebec Cannabis Registry and others conducted by major universities and hospitals.

The most common AEs were mild to moderate and included somnolence, amnesia, cough, nausea, dizziness, euphoria, hyperhidrosis and paranoia. Refer to the Health Canada Information for Healthcare Professionals Monograph for a full list of adverse events.

Cannabis dosing varies by the individual and treatment goal. It relies to a great extent on self-titration for a patient to find the lowest effective dose.

No death from overdose of cannabis has been reported.

Multiple strains

SativaCannabis products labelled as “sativa” may cause less drowsiness than products labelled as “indica”.
HybridCombination of “sativa” and “indica”. Produces a mixture of effects.
IndicaCannabis products labelled as “indica” may cause more drowsiness than products labelled as “sativa”.
BlendCannabis products labelled as “blend” is two different types of cannabis mixed together.

Different formats

Dried CannabisRecommended for vaporization. Takes effect quickly and lasts for a shorter time.
Cannabis oilsRecommended as an ingested form. Takes effect slowly and lasts longer compared to dried cannabis.
TopicalsTopical cannabis products are infused with cannabis extracts and designed for external applications.
CapsulesAnother option for ingesting cannabis oil. Takes effect slowly and lasts longer compared to dried cannabis.
Ingested ExtractsConvenient and discreet medical cannabis oils, capsules and oral sprays in a range of cannabinoid combinations and strengths.
CartridgesVape cartridges are made of glass and contain cannabis extracts. Since they are consumed in smaller doses, vape cartridges may provide effects for a shorter length of time compared to edibles, oils, and capsules.
Inhaled Extracts With very strong potency and effects felt within minutes, inhaled extracts and concentrates can be used on their own or added to dried flower. They’re easy to overmedicate, so start low and go slow.
EdiblesEdible cannabis products are foods that have been infused with cannabis extracts (such as chocolate, cookies, and gummies).